Tampa Bay Laser-Cut Nautical Map

Tampa Bay Laser-Cut Nautical Map

Tampa Bay is a large natural harbor and shallow estuary connected to the Gulf of Mexico on the west-central coast of Florida, comprising Hillsborough Bay, McKay Bay, Old Tampa Bay, Middle Tampa Bay, and Lower Tampa Bay. The largest freshwater inflow into the bay is the Hillsborough River, which flows into Hillsborough Bay in downtown Tampa. Many other smaller rivers and streams also flow into Tampa Bay, resulting in a large watershed area.


Tampa Bay maps are stunning wall art pieces that are meticulously crafted from birch, poplar, mahogany, and aspen hardwoods. They are laser cut to deliver the most accurate and visually pleasing 3D map you’ve ever seen!

The map is made of two or seven different layers of hardwood formed together to depict the bathymetric levels of this area. Each layer is stained with a specific color according to the depths in the water. It’s assembled to represent an accurate portrayal at this scale of our wonderful beaches. This makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves The Gulf. Our amazing beaches and tropical weather draw millions of visitors every year. Amazing details and shipwrecks abound.

Tampa Bay
Small 16×20 $100
Medium 20×24 $475
Dean started his artistic career at an early age with chalk drawings of wildlife, architecture, and landscapes. His love for mapping developed out of these early drawings. Through the years he developed a skill set that includes cartography, 3D architectural visualizations, animation, photography, and videography. His technical training as a Geoscientist wonderfully bridges “The Art and Science of Where” – the trademark of his current company Island Laser Design / Design Signature Maps.

He developed award-winning digital displays and animations for clients like NASA, The Pacific Aviation Museum in Pearl Harbor, The Colorado Avalanche, Crested Butte Ski Resort, Tampa Bay Watch, University of Florida and many others. He taught multimedia mapping technologies at universities, tech schools, and media training labs and has been a guest speaker at events nationwide. 

The addition of a large format laser in 2014 expanded the offerings to include 3D art intermixed with the science of where – geography. Building multi-layered hardwood maps with incredible detail at scale is the mission of the mapping side of the business, Design Signature Maps. The nautical wall charts are extremely detailed maps of coastal areas around the world. Each design takes months of research, design, and programming to build the GIS (Geographic Information System). Over twenty years of experience as a 3D animator, cartographer, and Geoscientist helps Dean create unique and special products for any scale map needed. 

Island Laser Design is the lamp, awards, and sign side of the laser cutting business. The “Beach Accent Lamp” series features local attractions and activities that are all about beach life. Our silhouetted designs are laser cut out of Red Birch and Oak. All the lamps are original hand-drawn designs. 

As a proud Air Force veteran, (Flight line paramedic and Respiratory Therapist) Dean designs special awards for police, fire, healthcare, and EMS to thank those who serve all of us. 

Dean combines complex technical ability with contemporary and traditional design. From ambient lighting to billboard size wall maps with digital media, he leverages today’s advanced technologies with time-honored precision woodworking.

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