Maps & Lamps

Meet the Artist

Our stunning 3D charts are an heirloom keepsake that will inform and delight. Observe the water depth contours as well as point depth data. Shipwrecks, seagrasses, coral reefs, submerged obstacles, and spoil areas are all included.

Birch, maple and aspen layers are meticulously designed to maximize the detail at each scale. Our vision is to bridge the science of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with the art of Cartography and precision wood working to create one of a kind art pieces you will enjoy displaying.

Our current areas of coverage include Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and South Carolina. New maps are coming out regularly so bookmark our site to see new maps monthly! Custom designs are welcome.

Florida State Map

Florida State Nautical Maps are a stunning wall art piece that are meticulously crafted from birch, poplar, mahogany and aspen hardwoods. They are laser cut to deliver the most accurate and visually pleasing 3D map you’ve ever seen!

The map is made of seven different layers of hardwood formed together to depict the bathymetric levels of Florida’s coasts. Each layer is stained with a specific color according to the depths in the water. It’s assembled to represent an accurate portrayal at this scale of our wonderful beaches. This makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves our pristine beaches. Our beaches and tropical weather draw millions of visitors every year. Amazing details and shipwrecks abound. Enjoy it year round with our 3D map! Our maps are handcrafted for each order – we include a star or heart for your location if you would like. Typical time for production is 7-10 working days.

Island Laser Design offers precision artistry in laser-cutting Nautical Charts, Maps, Beach Lamps and other fine furniture. We primarily serve the hospitality, cabinetry, and home furnishing markets. Our Design Studio is located in beautiful St Petersburg, Florida.

Our products include our “Beach Series” theme featuring local attractions and activities that surround our pristine beaches. Our silhouetted designs are laser cut out of Birch, Maple and other fine hard woods. All designs are handmade and designed in Florida by artisan craftsmen.

The detailed nautical charts and maps have many layers that help depict the water depths. As a 29-year veteran Cartographer, I take pride in the accuracy of our maps. They are available in several different sizes and cover many beach areas across the country. Since we are based in Florida we have many more areas mapped here. We do custom work all over the world so just get in touch with us to chat about an area you are interested in seeing done. We combine unmatched technical ability with contemporary and traditional design. From ambient lighting to 12′ x 18′ layered wall maps with digital media, we combine today’s advanced technologies with time-honored precision woodworking. We laser-cut in a variety of materials, including wood and acrylic. We offer several “green” choices and do custom work upon request.

Accent Lamps

These beautiful beach accent lamps are crafted out of Northern Red Birch and Maple. Hand-crafted and durable, these beach series laser cut lamps will bring warmth to any room.  The design is subtle and sophisticated thanks to the glow of hand made Momi papers from Thailand. Melded with a backlit film, the outside stays cool to the touch and allows the lamp to project wonderful shadows across the ceiling. Each lamp is unique as every lens is different so your product will be one of a kind!

We know an investment in a quality product makes sense. That’s why we designed all our Beach Lamp Series to use exchangeable lens packs. You can buy a lamp with any lens and change it down the road with other options. We have four different Momi papers and lens kits that work with our lamps, giving you the flexibility to change the look whenever you desire.

The accent lamp is about 6″ x6″ x 14″ and fits a mantle, end table or counter perfectly. It takes standard CFLs or LEDs.