About Us

Your local gift shop to find all things fun, quirky, beachy, thrifty, and vintage.

On a whim, Michael and I rented a booth space inside a local up-scale flea market. We thought we would test the waters in order to see if we would really enjoy the adventure. We got hooked, fast!

Many months later, we set out to an estate sale to grab one item we saw advertised – Captain Jack, a vintage ceramic peg-leg ship captain. Upon walking into the store, Captain Jack was at the door welcoming us. The next thing we knew we had purchased the contents of the estate sale and leased the space. Our voyage had begun.

The Blue Flamingo was born out of a desire to sail our own course and to share our passion for unique, quirky, and one-of-a-kind items. Inside our shop, you will find up-cycled and repurposed goods, renewed furniture, décor, jewelry, and many other unique items from several local artisans. We opened the shop in September of 2018.  We quickly realized that we needed more space, so we purchased the shop building and the auto mechanic shop behind it.  In doing so, we were able to enclose the area between the two and make it one cohesive shopping space. Most people are surprised when they walk into the shop how large it is, but they are even more surprised when they walk through the garden area and into the shop in the back.



2020 Starfish Award

In the shop we carry a few of the following lines:

Oxford Candle Company

Great scented soy candles in a hand-thrown pottery bowl that is food, dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe.

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paints

Paints for furniture, glass, fabric, and more that require almost no prep.

It comes in 64 different colors, stains, prep coats, and finish coats in a bunch of different varieties.

30 Fathom Mats

Hand-Made locally in Matlacha out of reclaimed and new commercial fishing lines. Their name tells you exactly how much rope they use to complete each handwoven mat, approx. 180 feet.  Because they are made from fishing line, they are waterproof and can be easily hosed off for cleaning.

Florida Salt Scrubs

The original Florida Salt Scrubs – Key West, Florida inspired Salt Scrub! Experience Florida hand and body scrub for yourself today. Made from the finest natural ingredients which make this a Florida must-have. Whether you live here, have visited, or want to visit, this is something that belongs in your bathroom. This small-batch, handcrafted sea salt hand and body scrub will gently exfoliate your skin and have it feeling silky smooth, rejuvenated, and leaving it with an absolutely wonderful scent. Perfect for: gifts, weddings, events, and more. Locals here in Florida will often buy several of the 2.9 oz jars for out of town visitors staying with them. Talking about a wonderful and thoughtful way to welcome out of town guests! A perfect real Florida lifestyle lover gift!

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, and essential oil.

Made with Coconut Oil / Made with Love in Florida / Never Tested on Animals.

Wine Oh by Roxi

Bringing new life to old jewelry boxes. Amazing Cork artwork including Key chains, jewelry, and wreaths. Art from cork, bottle caps, and pull tabs on foam core, so it weighs very little.

Freckled Beachcomber

Donna makes custom designed and painted one-of-a-kind treasures. She also makes Map serving trays and Painted and Scrabble Tile Signs. She refurbishes furniture and combines coastal flair with an upcycled conscience. 

Think Outside

Amazing beverage coolers handmade from recycled oil drums. Our beverage coolers continue to surprise and delight customers all year round due to their charm and versatility for use at any indoor or outdoor occasion. Artisans loving handcraft each piece individually from recycled and sustainable materials. Colors and shades may vary from the images displayed online. You can, therefore, be confident that you are investing in an eco-friendly and unique work of art.

These popular beverage coolers are amazing! Fully insulated, they will keep your drinks cooler for longer. When you are not entertaining, many of our customers tell us they like to use it as a toy chest or for general storage, making this the ultimate in multi-purpose, functional art!